Martial Arts: The Sword and the Pen

A martial artist understands the balance of the sword and the pen. When a warrior is young, they are more sword and less pen. When the statesman emerges, they are more pen and less sword. The key to the sword and the pen is the balance. Life is about finding the appropriate balance between the […]

A Martial Arts Franchise: How it could Change Your Life

A Martial Arts Franchise: How It Could Change Your Life Thank you for stopping by and checking this out! If you are here reading this page or article, you have obviously decided that you want to make a change in your life….to OWN something bigger than yourself and to be able to more quickly achieve […]

A Healthy Lifestyle with Martial Arts in Lincoln NE and everywhere else

Learning the Martial Arts Lifestyle…..and it’s not what you see in old B-films! When I was visiting Florida recently, I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who managed the resort we stayed at. Of course the question of “so what do you do?” came up and when I mentioned the concept of “martial arts […]

A System to Compete in Life: Tiger Rock Academy Lincoln NE

Some people feel that competition is not good and that by having a winner, we automatically have a loser. Because of this mentality many activities today are “dumbed down” so that kids or even adults don’t know who won. People are allowed to believe that winning (and competition) doesn’t matter. Here’s the problem: WINNING MATTERS! […]

Stress Relief Lincoln NE: How Martial Arts Can Help

Stress Relief Lincoln NE: How Martial Arts Can Help The final part of the 3 Part Equation for Fitness and Weight Loss Success is Stress Relief and Control. Simply put, stress is the number 1 Killer. It is a factor in many diseases, many illnesses and many of the things we bring upon ourselves and […]

Martial Arts Lincoln NE: Nutrition and Workout Tips

Part two of our series on how to improve your workout is on nutrition. First off, stop thinking in terms of “diets.” When we think “diet”, most of us think of some short term fix that involves some painful process of self-denial. Let’s get this real straight now, “diets” or short term fixes DO NOT […]

Martial Arts Lincoln NE Tips Workout Tips

Martial Arts Lincoln NE Tips: Workout Tips We all see or hear major ads and hyped up plans to try to convince us that someone has the magic answer to success at reaching our fitness goals. Unfortunately they are usually very one sided. In order to achieve real success (and faster than any one sided […]

Martial Arts Lincoln NE: How adults benefit from Tiger Rock Martial Arts

Martial Arts Lincoln NE: How Adults Benefit from Tiger Rock Martial Arts Many in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska are finding out that Martial Arts is not just for kids. Movies like Karate Kid, Kung Fu Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and others lead some to think that martial arts is a “kid thing”. The truth […]

Martial Arts Lincoln NE: How sports can help with ADHD

How Martial Arts Will Help Your Child Succeed in life with ADHD Helping children learn effective focus skills through Martial Arts is a MAJOR focus in our program! The development of focus and self-control skills is extremely important to the happiness and success of children and teenagers. At Tiger Rock Academy we’re SERIOUS about making […]

Martial Arts in Lincoln NE: Focus Leads to 2nd chance for Successful Resolutions

Martial Arts in Lincoln NE: Focus Leads to 2nd chance for Successful Resolutions The year is 2011, and once again many have set goals to get in better shape…..the only problem is it is now Feb 7th, just over 5 weeks into the new year, and many have already fallen off the fitness wagon so […]



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