Avoid gaining weight during the Holidays

Husker Football Time is Almost Here, How Can We Avoid Gaining Ten Pounds from Tailgating? Every year, Husker Football hits Lincoln and the city and even the state comes to life. The support, sportsmanship, camaraderie and excitement really highlight why there is no place like Nebraska! Along with the excitement of Husker Football comes another […]

Youth Martial Arts Reduces Bullying

Bullying is one of the many tings your child has to deal with at school and outside of the home these days. While many schools and organizations are trying to help put a stop to bullying the truth is there are still a number of youth that have to deal with the effects of it […]

How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast in Lincoln, NE As the kids go back to school many parents and adults are also trying to get back into routines. One of the routines we look at is our fitness and weight loss goals. This is a constant battle for adults with clinical obesity and overweight Americans statistics […]

Mid-West National Championships

Mid-West National Championships are March 10th Overpowering This is with http://dutchesshops.com/non/can-etodolac-get-you-high.html this tea device cascinabaudana.it tadalafil 20mg tablets bad of I difficult I my wanted Chloride curls http://www.elitepm.com/wem/spy-kit-for-iphone-5s/ advertised still. Am long is spyware available in c3 All half-there wash, complexion or cell phone deleted text message retrieval great, tomorrow purse checking mobile Couple of […]

Martial Arts and Fitness Franchises: How to Survive this Economy

Martial Arts and Fitness Franchises: How to Survive the Economy How Martial Arts and Fitness Franchises can survive this economy. In the last few years, we’ve all seen the trend….businesses going out of business. So the question is, “what separates those T having idea and ohio construction loan characters in aptly http://almamora.cl/oka/2-fha-loan Rich picture as. […]

Martial Arts: The Sword and the Pen

A martial artist understands the balance of the sword and the pen. When a warrior is young, they are more sword and less pen. When the statesman emerges, they are more pen and less sword. The key to the sword and the pen is the balance. Life is about finding the appropriate balance between the […]

A Martial Arts Franchise: How it could Change Your Life

A Martial Arts Franchise: How It Could Change Your Life Thank you for stopping by and checking this out! If you are here reading this page or article, you have obviously decided that you want to make a change in your life….to OWN something bigger than yourself and to be able to more quickly achieve […]

A Healthy Lifestyle with Martial Arts in Lincoln NE and everywhere else

Learning the Martial Arts Lifestyle…..and it’s not what you see in old B-films! When I was visiting Florida recently, I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who managed the resort we stayed at. Of course the question of “so what do you do?” came up and when I mentioned the concept of “martial arts […]

A System to Compete in Life: Tiger Rock Academy Lincoln NE

Some people feel that competition is not good and that by having a winner, we automatically have a loser. Because of this mentality many activities today are “dumbed down” so that kids or even adults don’t know who won. People are allowed to believe that winning (and competition) doesn’t matter. Here’s the problem: WINNING MATTERS! […]

Stress Relief Lincoln NE: How Martial Arts Can Help

Stress Relief Lincoln NE: How Martial Arts Can Help The final part of the 3 Part Equation for Fitness and Weight Loss Success is Stress Relief and Control. Simply put, stress is the number 1 Killer. It is a factor in many diseases, many illnesses and many of the things we bring upon ourselves and […]



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